Playback Youth Theatre

24th August

4pm & 7.30pm in the Auditorium

Tickets: £6 (£4)

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The Golden Krater


Come with us to Ancient Greece where heroes and kings vie for the attentions of the capricious Gods, satyrs prance and bored Princesses shoo winged horses from their marble balconies.

What is the Golden Krater, a vessel for mixing wine, a secret society or a priceless artefact with mystic powers? All will be revealed… eventually.

Inspired by the works of Ovid and Aristophanes, The Golden Krater is a witty, wacky and wonderful work full of myth, magic and song. Featuring a live band and a cast of talented young people aged 11-18, it is the latest in a long run of original musicals from Playback, Exeter’s ground-breaking youth theatre.

Come and Tell the Story!

You will work with theatre professionals to rehearse and perform an original musical play in just one week!

For an application form ring: 01363 7733377 or