Les Miserables – The Memoirs of Jean Valjean

7th June

7.30pm in the Auditorium

Tickets £10 (£8)


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A non-musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic drama of love, hope, redemption and revolution.

Set in 19th Century France, Les Miserables follows the story of Jean Valjean, a convict who, through the kindness of others, finds redemption. But having broken parole to make a new life as the kindly mayor of a small town, Valjean is mercilessly hunted by Javert. Les Miserables is a rich, enthralling drama that will take you on a journey through the struggles and triumphs of one man, the people he touches and a whole nation on the brink of revolution.


Based in Brixham, The South Devon Players theatre and film company are winners of the national Epic Award 2017 for England; a national arts award celebrating creativity and innovation in grassroots arts. A professional company, they specialise in researched historical theatre productions and old ‘Classics’.