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3rd – 30th November 2016

Free Entry 10am-4pm Monday – Friday

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eric_minchinSheila Minchin

I am a retired staff nurse, and I have always enjoyed painting and creating.
I paint in watercolours , acrylics ,and more recently pastels.
My  inspiration comes from the Devon coastline especially the Exe estuary, and the wonderful fauna and flora of nature in all its glory.













Angie Seaway angie_greenhalg

Angie Seaway is an expressive landscape artist. She began painting in her late 30’s and went onto study Fine Art at Plymouth University. She has had many solo and group shows across the South West and sells her work internationally as well as in the UK. Angie paints in a dynamic way. Paint is layered over lines of charcoal and ink and the subleties of the paint infuse through the prior mark making. Her work evokes our response to the the landscape around us, and its relationship to our interiour landscapes of emotion and memory.
This piece is titled; ‘Hope growing among the poppies’. In rememberance of my grandparents and father whoose lives were affected unretrievably by the Second World War and the hope that the world will become a better place as they hoped and sacrificed.






Terry Hurt

Terry Hurt Shrouds in Northernhay Gardens 3 Terry Hurt Shrouds in Northernhay Gardens 2 Terry Hurt Shrouds in Northernhay Gardens 1

I was born in Staffordshire in 1959, and despite graduating in psychology, my love of books made a career in bookselling almost inevitable. I managed bookshops in the Midlands, the North West and eventually (and for the longest time) in Exeter, Devon, before finally leaving late in 2013 to pursue my other abiding interest: photographing and walking in the landscape. I tend to work on long term projects, almost always relating to changes in land use over time, including my series on Devon green lanes and a 20 year mild obsession with Dartmoor. Most recently I have begun experimenting with in-camera multiple exposure techniques, which I feel can lead to more challenging and creative images. The current Shrouds in Northernhay Gardens is an example of this, and further information can be found at








Robert Davies Robert_davies
I like to express feeling through landscapes, seascapes; the disposition of people and objects within the composition.  With abstracts I like to show mood through use of colour and shape.  I work largely from sketchbooks; I also enjoy being out in the air and observing everything around me.  I enjoy being in ‘unregarded’ settings, like boatyards, dealer’s yards, scrap-yards; abandoned greenhouses, and so on.











Janet Hockley janet

I studied Fine Art at the University of Plymouth and since, have participated in exhibitions throughout the South West of England.

The Devon landscape has a great influence on my work.  Living in Exeter, I have access to rural areas, moors and sea as well as more formal parks and gardens on the edge of the urban environment. On a daily basis, I observe and experience the changing colours and forms as the seasons unfold and aim to capture something of this transitory experience in my painting. As well as working with colour and light, I try to encompass some the energy and movement pertinent to a specific experience of the landscape and its qualities.

In summer of 2012, I completed the RHS level 3 Certificate in Horticulture, and am now studying part time for an MSc in Plant Diversity. My interest in plants, gardening and particularly growing fruit and vegetables has had a strong influence on my most recent work. I enjoy exploring ways of expressing the forms, colours and textures of plant material in paint and mixed media.