Gratitude – An exhibition of Rememberance

Submissions_poster_webOpen call for submissions: Gratitude is an open exhibition taking place in November. Barnfield Theatre Front of House Gallery will be overflowing with poppies in a mass creative act of Remembrance and gratitude for the fallen, the wounded and those affected by war. Each piece of art will feature the poppy – en masse, up close, or as a single, poignant flower.

If you would like to submit a piece of artwork for this exhibition, please fill in the submission form below and email to

You may submit as many pieces as you wish. Each submission should be emailed separately, please format the subject line : Submission 1 (or 2, 3, 4 etc) Your Name Exhibition Title.

Each submission email must have a completed submission form attached and a high quality jpeg image of the artwork. Please ensure the jpeg is saved with your name plus the submission number (eg 1 if you are submitting 1 piece, 2 if you submit a second piece etc)

We will accept all forms of artwork except digital film / video media. The artwork must be ready to be hung or safely free standing.