6th April

7pm in the Auditorium

Tickets £8 (£6)

Family Ticket £22 ( 2 x Standard and 2 x Concessions)


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“I am alone and miserable. Only someone as ugly as I am could love me.”

The Anthos Young Company of Frankenstein looks at the role of difference in our society and explores the lengths to which total isolation can leave any individual.

Frankenstein’s Creature is born different, alone and rejected he searches desperately for a place to belong. But as one by one society rejects him, pushes him away he becomes fuelled by a darker desire.

The cast are aged 12-18 and have worked as an ensemble to create this poignant piece of theatre bringing Mary Shelly’s classic story into the 21st century through a use of physical theatre, original text and devised scenes.

This show contains adult themes such as violence and suffering.