9th October 6pm in the Clifford Room

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14th October 8.30pm in the Clifford Room

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A double bill of new performances, presented by Artists who have completed the Northcott Futures programmes.

Fragments by Restless Theatre CIC:

Caught between clearing her mother’s flat, and visits to the nursing home, Sarah finds herself in a world of fragmented memories. As her mother slips between lucidity and confusion, Sarah sorts through notebooks and photographs, catching tantalising glimpses of the mother she knew. Amongst these fragments, lost stories emerge as Sarah pieces together her mother’s early life in Birmingham and North Devon.

Join her as she discovers playground tragedies, near misses during air raids in Birmingham, and dance lessons above a pub. A bitter-sweet autobiographical performance about losing a parent to Alzheimer’s and finding a way to remember her.

Graceless by Grace Plant:

Will Grace ever stop tucking her hair behind her ears? Why won’t her mother go to restaurants with thick tables? Is a dressing gown inappropriate work attire? Graceless is a hilarious and moving one woman show about the pressure to ‘act like a lady’ that Grace often felt from her mother. Charting her life from birth through the painful teenage years, the show is a combination of stories from Grace’s life with recordings from interviews with her mother.

Perfect for mothers, daughters and anyone who has stood in a Marks and Spencers changing room and cried.