Dark Art

4th October – 1st November 2016 Dark_Art_Poster

10am – 4pm Mon-Fri

10am – 2pm Sat

Dark Art is an open exhibition  exploring the dark world of the unknown and unknowable. It is not horror, blood, gore. It is deeper – emotional and mysterious, strange and elusive. It is the thoughts of the Aurora or the stranger who left a footprint in the snow. It is an imagining of a world just out of sight, beyond the lim of the moon, on the far side of the sun or the periphery of a dream.


Elizabeth Jardine ElizabethJardineDriftDerive1

Elizabeth’s work explores the way we connect to our environment; how we belong. She finds it important to have a physical experience of a place in an increasingly dislocated world, undertaking long walks and expeditions, immersing herself in a paradoxical activity of being there, while passing through.

Her work provides a meditative space where viewers can be drawn into their own journey.

Elizabeth has recently relocated to the South West after completing an MFA in Fine Art at UAL Wimbledon. She graxuated for Falmouth College of Art in 2003 with a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

Clare Bryden Ghost Bee - fixing closeup

Clare Bryden is an artist, writer and website developer based in Exeter. Her interests are primarily in how human beings affct and are affected by the natural world of which we are a part, and the related theology and psychology of connectedness. Her creative practice springs from her desire to communicate environmental and social issues, her need for hope and energy in keeping on keeping on, and her habit of making connections and finding patterns.

Jenny Leslie Crucible of Healing J Leslie

Jenny has gained a Diploma in Horticulture at Waterperry School of Horticuture, is a Psychoanalytic psychotherapist qualified with AGIP and BA Hons Textiles  and Embroidery from the Julia Caprara School of Textiles.

Jenny continues to develop her interest in textiles art, gardening and the environment, through traditional and contemporary techniques in natural dyeing.

M K Lord MKLORD (submission 2) erosion 6

I am an artist and a musician who grew up on the edge of Exmoor.

In younger days I studied art at Exeter College and later I would attain a degree in music from Dartington College of Arts.

Having cultivated my practice through exhibition and performance in the underculture of a variety of European cities my work tends towards the non-linear and the abstract, giving preference perhaps to instinct over meaning

MKLORD (submission 5) scene 7  MKLORD (submission 3) form 4  MKLORD (submission 1) erosion 3

O Shylock

P1050894 P1050890  P1050893

Vicki Bowring

Sunshine  259