Buses, Ballads and Broken Bones BusesA4

Exeter College Performing Arts Academy

Thursday 7 February @ 5pm & 8pm

Barnfield Theatre

All Tickets £6 (Strictly Limited Seating)


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Long queues, fixing upon dopamine with head phones inserted – avoiding eye contact at all costs – today’s congregation of the antisocial gather.

Night and day they gather, trapped in routine and circumstance, each one of them longing for a new destination.

Under protective shelters with built in seats they long for chance encounters – a checkpoint that that takes them from here to there. Sometimes they wait for two minutes, sometimes up to twenty. As long as they feel secure, it doesn’t matter, as someone will come. But don’t be late, there’s a schedule to keep to.

Buses, Ballads and Broken Bones showcases artists from Exeter College Performing Arts Academy who have undertaken a diverse range of field visits and workshops with practitioners and theatre industry professionals, culminating in this innovative infusion of performance work.