30th October – 4th November SweeneyA4

7.30 pm in the Auditorium ( + 2.30 pm Saturday Matinee)


This Halloween, Hot Rock Productions presents ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’.


Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece, and the definitive ‘Grusical’, don’t miss out on the ultimate theatrical horror experience.


Benjamin Barker is a wronged man. A humble barber who plies his trade on the London thoroughfare of Fleet Street, Barker becomes the victim of corrupt local authority Judge Turpin, and his eerie second in command, Beadle Bamford. After taking a passing fancy to Barker’s wife, Lucy, they firstly abuse their power to have the poor barber deported on false charges, before luring her to the Judge’s house to have their wicked way with her. Turpin casts Lucy out on the street, leaving her for dead, whilst adopting the Barker’s abandoned daughter, Johanna.


Fast forward 15 years, and Benjamin Barker’s empty premises have finally been taken by the mysterious Sweeney Todd, a strangely familiar looking man with a vacant expression in his eye. Business flourishes after a public display of his skill in a contest with the flamboyant Adolfo Pirelli earns him the patronage of Beadle Bamford, and with him, the Judge. Meanwhile, Sweeney’s neighbour Mrs. Lovett’s struggling meat pie business has taken a turn for the better. But just where is she getting her meat from? Will Johanna Barker ever escape from her caged existence in the Judge’s house? And why does Sweeney Todd look so familiar?


With a host of unforgettable characters, Tarantino-esque dialogue and some of Sondheim’s most famous music, including The Worst Pies in London, Johanna, Epiphany and A Little Priest, laughter and jumpiness are guaranteed. And, oh yes, there will be blood!






October 2017

Monday 30th 7.30pm*

Tuesday 31st 7.30pm


November 2018

Wednesday 1st 7.30pm

Thursday 2nd 7.30pm

Friday 3rd 7.30pm

Saturday 4th 2.30pm* 7.30pm


Tickets £16.50 (£14.50 16 and under)

* performances all tickets: £14.50


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