• Women Who Shoot!

    Women Who Shoot!
    1st – 31st July

  •  Summer Showcase

    Summer Showcase
    16th July

  •  Marc Lobb

    Marc Lobb
    23rd July

  •  Love Labours Won

    Love Labours Won
    26th July

  • The Bideford Witches

    The Bideford Witches
    28th – 30th July

  •  Lost Voice Guy

    Lost Voice Guy
    28th July

  • Carousel du Magic

    Carousel du Magic
    6th August

  •  Simon Cox Seminar

    Simon Cox Seminar
    27th August

  •  Monkey Business

    Monkey Business
    27th August

  •  I Can’t Believe it’s not Buddy!

    I Can’t Believe it’s not Buddy!
    16th September

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