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  • amendments

    16th - 19th October

  • Iolanthe

    9th - 13th October

  • Rolling Back The Years

    Rolling Back The Years
    28th September

  • Exeter Literary Festival final day!

    Exeter Literary Festival final day!
    18th November

  • Streisand

    10th November

  • Simon Brodkin & Friends

    Simon Brodkin & Friends
    16th November

  • Robin Windsor - Farewell Tour

    Robin Windsor - Farewell Tour
    11th November

  • Rock for Heroes

    Rock for Heroes
    9th November

  • Voodoo Room

    Voodoo Room
    2nd November

  • The Dresser

    The Dresser
    18th-22nd September

  • Pop-Up Bowie

    Pop-Up Bowie
    7th December

  • The Nimmo Brothers

    The Nimmo Brothers
    14th November

  • the Medicine Show

    the Medicine Show
    17th November

  • La traviata

    La traviata
    22nd November

  • Alter Eagles

    Alter Eagles
    29th November

  • New Jersey Boys

    New Jersey Boys
    30th November

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